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A Brief History of Country Veterans Golf Association of WA Incorporated.

In July of 1988, the West Australian Veteran Golfers Association (WAVGA) and Busselton veterans group competing on Tuesdays, invited country senior golfers to compete at Busselton, to promote the formation of a country group of veterans.

A steering committee was elected from those present – John Caven (Busselton), Fred Johnson (Dunsborough), Peter Gray (Augusta), Dick Rangnow (Margaret River) and Jim Herring. Jim Herring, a WAVGA member for some years, was appointed at the first committee meeting on August 9th 1988 to co-ordinate trial events.

Seven clubs (Busselton, Bunbury, Donnybrook, Dunsborough, Harvey and Margaret River) were represented by 31 players, at Capel Golf Club Friday Super Leisure Club fixture on September 23rd 1988. On October 18th at Clifton Park Leisure Club, the same clubs were joined by the touring  metropolitan veterans to make a field of 87.

All clubs except Donnybrook travelled to Dunsborough on Wednesday November 16th in the field of 31.

Brian Singleton took over from Fred Johnson as representative of Dunsborough and John Falck became Harvey representative. Although interest, especially from members of the larger clubs, was less than enthusiastic, it was agreed that a general meeting be held at the central club Capel on Friday, February 23rd 1989, followed by an 11am 18-hole Stableford competition. All clubs were invited to nominated office bearers and support a visit by a group of country veterans. Understandably, covering an area between Augusta, Collie. Pinjarra and Pemberton, only two nominations, vice president and a publicity officer were received from golfers of their generation.

The fact that 36 (20 over 65 years) of a field of 49 veteran golfers stayed for the inaugural meeting, indicated their support for veteran golf, as competitors if not as administrators.

It was resolved that the Co-ordinator, Jim Herring, continue for 1989, with  his following recommendations accepted:-

  • The Association be named “Country Veteran Golfers Association” (CVGA)
  • Club Representatives meet prior to events, as required, to review format set out for the first year.
  • Membership Fees be $5.00 with a Competition Fee of $4.00 sought for 1989.
  • Each club nominate a Representative to Captain one of nine events under CVGA guide lines.
  • Host clubs being: Donnybrook, Busselton, Manjimup, Harvey, Margaret River, Dunsborough, Collie and Bunbury.
  • Members of Augusta, Boyup Brook, Bridgetown and Greenbushes invited to compete.
  • Competition events: 18 holes of stableford.    Timesheet. 11am running draw.
  • For benefit of all members, especially of small clubs, club mates not permitted in same playing group of four.
  • Nominations. Accepted by phone only from host club representatives.
  • Trophies: CVGA to contribute +$60.00 for golf balls/cans. Sponsored trophies not accepted. Above to include ball for Nearest the Pin on par three holes and two Longest Putts.
  • Standard Ball Sweep sheets (5 for $2.00) supplied to supplement catering costs arranged by host veterans.
  • Promotion. Club Posters, Media with event results and coming fixtures.
  • Don Gibson first association Treasurer lodged funds with Bunbury R & I Bank (sponsors of WAVGA).


1989 – Average field for first year was 60.  Club Comp. Fee * $5.00. accepted by all clubs.

1990 – 10 events Average field 82.

1991 – 11 events Average field 107.

1992 – 12 events Average field 115.

1993 – CVGA grant increased to $100.00 for 14 events in 1993 Average field 118

1994 – 14 events Average field 118.

1995 – Subsidy for name badges was replaced with a $5.00 nomination including a badge.  Subs remaining at $5.00. Late subs invoked a $5.00 surcharge. To offset the high standard of catering a $2.00 levy was introduced. Waroona, became 15th host club and nominations totalled 1728 which allowed clubs to share $3,456.00 towards their catering costs. Average field was 115 with 320 of 366 financial members competing for the year. Only approved CVGA Ball Sweeps were now accepted and 105 sheets sold netted $140 Average per club. A second Club Rep was appointed by clubs to overcome breakdowns in liaison between clubs and association when it was found some Reps were either indisposed or away holidaying. The more progressive clubs were forming Vet committees to plan and conduct their annual event.

Late nominations and last minute withdrawals still plagued most events. Some Host Captains reluctant to adhere to standard format adopted aggravated the problem even though the 1991 CVGA Club Files with all recording forms and information was supplied.

The original format changed very little over the years as it proved to be not only successful but favoured by the majority of members. Mike Broad, Donnybrook club Vet Rep captained a trial mixed event sponsored by Seniors Initiative Fund which attracted a field of 74. Later a group based on the CVGA formula was formed by veteran women.

In 2014 the CVGA hosted the AVGU Nationals with 298 men and 88 women playing at Bunbury, Busselton, Capel and Sanctuary Golf Clubs

In 2015 our average field was 123 players, and 2016 the CVGA has grown to 23 clubs hosting 30 events in the South West of Western Australia.

In 2019 the total rounds played was 2945 and in 2020, despite the cancellation of 7 events due to Covid 19 was 2208

The fixtures for 2021 comprise 30 events including 2 challenges against the City Veterans at Bunbury ad Mandurah